Pit 30: Level 3

Completed December 1, 2012 by Jeremy, Odess, and David Brinkman. Level 3 produced surprising numbers of nails, iron, glass, and brick. 18 nails were found in this level which brings pit 30 into a tie for most number of nails. Jeremy found the best item of the pit with his first pipe stem and this one was only our second from the 1750-1780 period. We also found 1 piece of Native American pottery and an item we thought for sure was a carved Indian tool. After cleaning, it was a pieces of glass but Indians in this area were know to take broken glass pieces and shape them into tools. In the end, we came as close as you can get to the milestone of 1000 pieces of pottery for the dig. We fell one short with 999. That milestone will be met in the next pit. The overall counts for all levels of pit 3 were: 29 pieces of pottery, 72 pieces of glass, 26 nails, 19 pieces of iron, 1 pipe stem, and 4 pieces of Indian pottery. In another big surprise, this sent pit #30 to number 3 in the power rating just behind pits 22 and 17.

Pit 30: Level 3 produced: 17 pieces of pottery, 51 pieces of glass, 18 nails, 9 other pieces of iron, 1 Native American pottery piece, and 1 pipe stem (1750-1780).