Pit 32: Level 3

Completed by Debbie Bloom, Jeremy, and David Brinkman on December 8, 2012. Level 3 slowed down some but was still enough to bust the records for most glass and nails. The overall pottery count was not one of our highest but we found, like in level 2, several more pretty pieces. We also found a burned pipe stem with an almost blue color on one side. We also found several bricks which were really cooked. Overall, all levels counted, pit 32 ranks number 3 in our Granby dig with 27 pieces of pottery, 86 pieces of glass (a new record), 27 nails (a new record), 652 grams of brick (2nd best), a good amount of charcoal and iron pieces and 1 pipe stem (1720-1750).

Pit 33: Level 3 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 26 pieces of glass, 11 nails, 3 iron pieces, and a 1720-1750 pipe stem.