Pit 33: Level 1

Started on December 22, 2012 and completed on December 23 by David, Odess, and Jeremy Brinkman. After the Granby Dig Christmas party on Friday, the Brinkman's slept at the Granby house and almost completed Level 1 on Saturday. We had a great turnout for the party with 16 diggers. We gave out the "I Dug Granby" shirts at the party. For Pit 33, we headed back to the south end of the row and back into the tree roots. The far south pit on this row (pit 31) had disappointing results so we didn't know what to expect here. It seemed to start out good and we found 2 pieces of a pottery type we have not seen before. They have a sandy, light purple color to the glaze. We also found a mysterious piece of metal. It seems to have the weight of lead but doesn't look like lead and it's not iron. Hard to guess on the age because we found several pieces of plastic and some modern glass in this same level. We also found, without a doubt, the best collection of rocks we have seen in any pit.

Pit 33: Level 1 produced: 6 pieces of pottery, 6 pieces of glass, pieces of iron, slag, and an unknown heavy metal piece. Also a good amount of brick for a first level.

Granby Christmas Dig Party minus the young diggers.

David (below) eating dinner before his Granby talk to the local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution