Pit 34: Level 2

Completed by Fred Morrison, Jocy and DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman, on January 12, 2012. Level 2 continued with great results including a pipe stem (1720-1750) are our biggest piece of pottery found to date. This piece looks like Rococo Edgeware (1775-1810). We also found two pottery pieces that appear to be much older and possibly Native American. DC found one of the best preserved nails we have seen and we also found an interesting iron hook. Another lead piece with what may be teeth marks and a good amount of brick fragments. Pit 34 is looking very good after 2 levels.

Pit 34: Level 2 produced: 16 pieces of pottery, a pipe stem (1720-1750), 28 pieces of glass, 11 nails, and a hook.