Pit 34: Level 3

Completed by Fred Morrison, Jocy and DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman, on January 12, 2012. Level 3 started off with nothing. We thought for sure we would be coming across a second layer of artifacts as we have seen in several other pits. But, it was just shovel after shovel of nothing. The temperature was really get up there and I felt some heat stroke symptoms coming on. 84 degrees in the middle of January! We still continued and went the full 47cm. All we found were a few pieces of glass and brick in the top of level 3. We brought out the metal detector and it showed nothing in the bottom of the pit. A disappointing end to pit 34 but the unique finds in level 1 and 2 still made this pit a valuable dig. The overall numbers for pit 34 were: 26 pieces of pottery, 38 pieces of glass, 16 nails, gun barrel, pipe stem and pipe bowl fragments, and 3 possible Native American artifacts.

Pit 34: Level 3 produced: 3 pieces of glass and a few brick fragments.