Pit 43: Level 2

Completed on July 6, 2013 by the Schelling's (David, Katie, Carrie, and Todd), Dean Hunt, the Locke's (Jocelyn, and DC), the Brinkman's (Odess, and David). It was a relief to see an end to the Judas Tree roots in level 2. David and Katie Shelling took over a lot of the digging at this point. Their mother operated the sit down sifter while their dad did the standup shaker sifter. Carrie found some nice Granby era English pottery and Todd found a large piece of a pipe bowl and a Shell Edged piece pearlware (1785-1840). David Brinkman found a unique iron decorative item. We also found 4 more parts of the large stoneware (probably Edgefield) piece that we found in pit 41. Several pieces of slate (which may have been used in the flooring of a Granby house) were also found and what may be a part of Native American tool. The glass finally started showing up in this level as well as higher counts of nails. What could be the most significant find was 2 pieces of a cloth/thread which was blue in color. We had never seen anything like this before. Could it have blown into the hole? It didn't seem possible with no wind and such wet conditions. All in all, level 2 had a beautiful set of pottery pieces and several really interesting finds.

Pit 43: Level 2 produced: 36 pieces of pottery, 13 pieces of glass, 9 nails, 8 pieces of iron, one split pipe stem, one possible Indian tool, 3 pieces of slate, and 3 pieces of cloth.