Pit 46: Level 3

Completed August 25, 2013 by Debbie Bloom, Jim Merrill, Dean Hunt, DC Locke, and David Brinkman. For the hot spot area, level 3 was a surprise in its lack of artifacts. Considering this and the high concentration of artifacts in the lower portion of level 1 and upper portion of level 2, we may be seeing an end of the original hot spot. What we found in levels 1 and 2 are the portion of the hot spot that was moved on top of the property from the road construction in 1960. We now have the beginning of a picture of what the hot spot looked like prior to the construction of the Riverland Park neighborhood. Although the total count of artifacts for pit 46 is below our Granby dig average (111 artifacts compared to an average of 136) the glass bottle find in level 1, and the level 3 hot spot revelation, makes pit 46 a very important pit in our dig.

Pit 46: Level 3 produced: 1 piece of glass and 3 pieces of charcoal.