Pit 47: Level 1

Completed by Odess and David Brinkman, Debbie Bloom, Dean Hunt, DC Locke. On this Labor Day, we had a small but experienced team of diggers. The previous (and adjacent) pit was below our average in artifact numbers but we have noticed that when moving closer to the Judas tree (as we are doing with this pit), the artifact numbers go up. Level 1 seemed to show this happening as we got good numbers of pottery and nails. We only found 2 coins in the entire dig and we matched that today but they were both fairly new (1971 and 1981). We also found a thin leather-like artifact which, under the microscope, shows fine fibers across its surface. We have no idea what this may be.

Pit 47: Level 1 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 6 pieces of glass, 4 nails, 2 coins (modern), and a pipe bowl piece.