Pit 48: Level 2

Completed September 22, 2013 by DC Locke, David Brinkman, and Dean Hunt. The asphalt-like material continued in level 2 but we started to find some pottery, nails, and glass (including the old imported English window glass). One green bottle piece (almost 2 inches square) is probably the best example of the old glass of the Granby period. It has dozens of bubbles, one of which, can be felt on the surface. As we approached the bottom of level 2, the soil started turning to the yellow sand which usually marks the end of artifacts in Granby. We still wanted to complete a level 3 thinking things may be different in this highly disturbed area. Dean and I opened cold beers and the 3 of us celebrated the official start of Fall at 4:45PM. We then packed stuff up and planned a return the next day to finish the pit.

Pit 48: Level 2 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 7 nails, and lots of brick pieces.