Pit 48: Level 3

Completed September 23, 2013 by DC Locke, David Brinkman, and Dean Hunt. A new day but not much luck in level 3. We took it to 72cm but only 2 nails found and a single piece of brick. We did a soil probe to a total depth of 130cm (over 4 feet deep) and still nothing but clean sand. The totals for pit 48 (in the 3 major categories) are a little odd. 13 pieces of pottery. 13 pieces of glass. 13 nails. Overall, pit 48, at 45 total artifacts, had only about 1/3 of our average artifact take but, counting all those asphalt pieces, we processed well over 1000 items. Discovery of the Rev-war musket shot during the cleaning phase changed everything and made pit 48 another worthy hole. Side note: It seems all our musket balls and shots have been found in a line with Friday's Ferry site. 13 Loyalists (that's right.. 13!) were killed in a skirmish at Friday's Ferry in 1781. See more here about the Revolutionary shots found in Granby.

Pit 48: Level 3 produced: 2 nails