Pit 52: Level 3

Completed October 27, 2013 by Dean Hunt, DC and Jocelyn Locke, David and Odess Brinkman. Level 3 continued delivering the pottery, glass, and nails. The big find, however, was a nice 27 caliber Revolutionary War buck ball found by Odess. Once again, the ball was found in a line with Friday's Ferry. That's 7 balls found and they are all in line with the direction that Patriots took on May 1, 1781 when they approached and attacked British forces at Friday's Ferry. Level 3 also gave us a pipe bowl fragment from a very well used pipe (completely black in the inside of the bowl) and several more Native American pieces including a piece of chert. Overall, Pit 52 was another great pit for us and it comes in rank #5. 4 of the 5 pits we have just done on the other side of the fence are now in the top 5 of all pits. Our average number of artifacts per pit has gone up to 150. The total numbers for Pit 52 are: 61 pieces of pottery, 76 pieces of glass, 43 nails (ties the record), 7 Native American pieces, a 1786 Spanish coin, one Rev War musket shot, a possible key, and 4 pipe pieces.

Pit 52: Level 3 produced: One 27 caliber Revolutionary War buck shot, 28 pieces of pottery, 42 pieces of glass, 15 nails, 3 Native American pieces, 1 pipe pieces, and a possible key.