Pit 58: Level 3

Completed December 28, 2013 by Odess and David Brinkman. We were finally at the end of most of the tree roots and we were now getting some good artifacts. Odess found a .27 caliber musket shot (our 11th musket ball of the dig). At about 40 cm, a feature (black spot) appeared in the south-east corner of the pit. This is below the plow-zone and we really didn't find much in the way of artifacts below this point except for what looks like a very aged split pipe stem and pipe bowl fragment. The black feature could be a Granby post hole or something before Granby. As we went deeper, the feature took on a significant size and contained charcoal fragments. It appeared to be an old fire pit. We carefully saved charcoal fragments in a separate zip lock bag for possible radio carbon dating. The feature went into the row of pits completed in April but we did not dig deep enough there to find this. We continued to dig the south-east corner to a depth of 75cm. The feature appears to be about 20 inches wide with a depth of 14 inches. The saved charcoal may be our best candidate yet for radio carbon dating. We also found a fire pit in pit 51 but that was in the highly disturbed row near the street and found at a depth of only 30 cm. Despite the lack of workers and all the obstacles, David and Odess managed to complete and fill the pit in 4 hours. It was a tough dig but the musket ball, ancient looking pipe pieces, and the fire pit feature, made this another important pit in the Granby dig. All artifacts totaled, pit 58 gave us 31 pieces of pottery, 46 pieces of glass, 14 nails, 5 iron pieces, 2 pipe pieces, and over 100 charcoal fragments from a fire pit feature.

Pit 58: Level 3 produced: 21 pieces of pottery, 40 pieces of glass, 7 nails, a very old split pipe stem and matching bowl piece, a very interesting item that looks like a prehistoric fossil but probably just slag, and a significant fire pit feature.

Below is the feature at a dig level of 50cm.

Below is the feature at a dig level of 75cm.