Pit 59: Level 1

Completed on January 12, 2014 by DC Locke, Dean Hunt, John Howell, and David Brinkman. Pit 59 is the first pit of the year. Being this was in the artifact rich grid 13 and adjacent (on the other row) to pit 38, we hoped for some good results. Before completing pits on the other side of the fence, pit 38 had been the top pit for most of 2013. We knew sifting would be difficult with all the rain we had in the last few days and there was also the possibility of hitting another major root like we did in pit 58. It didn't take long for these concerns to turn into real problems. We only found a few pieces of glass and pottery in the level but John Howell kept the history conversation going and we were all entertained through the messy and slow sifting.

Pit 59: Level 1 produced: 3 pieces of pottery and 4 pieces of glass.