Pit 64: Level 3

Completed on April 27, 2014 by Jocelyn, Tehye, and DC Locke, Debbie Bloom, Odess, and David Brinkman. Debbie, Jocelyn, and Tehye did most of the digging today. Level 3 produced a nice set of colorful pottery pieces including maybe the largest colorful piece of the dig. Odess found a split pipe stem keeping the possibility that we might be able to match our total pipe stem count (now at 62) with the total number of completed pits. The feeling at the end of the dig was that pit 64 was well above the 150 artifact average. After counting, we had 247 artifacts and pit 64 comes in ranked #7 overall. In total, we had 80 pieces of pottery, 64 pieces of glass, 33 nails, 5 pipe pieces, a Colonial button, and 1 Native American piece.

Pit 64: Level 3 produced: 40 pieces of pottery, 32 pieces of glass, a split pipe stem, 16 nails, and a high number of small iron pieces.