Pit 65: Level 1

Completed on June 22, 2014 by DC Locke, Dean Hunt, Odess and David Brinkman. For most of May and June, the Granby team has been focused on the start of the Fort Congaree II search/dig. WIS-TV's Renee Standera came across this work last weekend and we discussed, since the Fort Congaree II project has nothing to report yet, doing a story on the Granby Dig. Today (Sunday), we started pit 65 with the idea to take it down to the point where we are finding good artifacts and then resume the dig on Monday when Renee comes out for the interview. Level one started giving us some good numbers of brick pieces and window glass. By the end, we also had some pottery and the old hand cut nails. After being so focused on finding archaeological features in the Fort Congaree II digging, we put some extra effort in doing a little better job of cleaning the Granby level to spot features. We thought we may have found a couple of these. Typically, however, the Granby dig site has appeared to be completely disturbed all the way down to 40cms so finding a feature in level one would be unlikely.

Pit 65: Level 1 produced: 7 pieces of pottery, 11 pieces of glass, 3 Native American pieces, and 4 nails.