Pit 65: Level 2

Completed on June 22, 2014 by DC Locke, Dean Hunt, Odess and David Brinkman. Level 2 continued with an expected rise in pottery pieces and one pipe bowl piece. Dean had the biggest find with a .27 caliber musket shot ball. Those features we thought we may have seen in level 1 disappeared quickly once again backing our theory that the 0cm to 40cm level in Granby is disturbed and featureless. The only features we have found so far are several fire pits at the level of about 45cm to 50cm and a post hole that was detected in pit 43 at about 45cm down to 75cm. Pit 43 was over the area where we believe the store house was located. The store house may have had a post foundation as opposed to a brick foundation with the main house. The artifact counts of level 1 and 2 made us feel pretty good about level 3 which we would complete the next day for WIS-TV.

Pit 65: Level 2 produced: 13 pieces of pottery, 16 pieces of glass, 1 Native American piece, 4 nails, and 1 pipe bowl piece.