Pit 65: Level 3

Completed on June 23, 2014 by DC Locke, Dean Hunt, Odess and David Brinkman. Renee Standera (WIS-TV) met us in Granby at 1PM and we gave her a brief description of the dig site and the history. Renee has an interest in local history and we always love an opportunity to spread the local history bug to others. It was already getting hot so we went into the cool Granby house for the interview. Renee interviewed all of us, one by one. We then moved her equipment outside and started digging. Within just a few minutes, we had a bag of artifacts and we took some time to explain each artifact type. Renee stayed around for about half of level 3 and then headed back to the news room. We had a lot of fun doing the interview and we are looking forward to the finished story in a couple of days and the opportunities that may bring with a larger audience of history friends. Continuing level 3, we came across a huge number of brick and glass pieces and a fairly good number of pottery pieces and several Native American items. All together, Pit 65 produced 190 artifacts (well above the average). Total artifacts for all levels: 51 pieces of pottery, 74 pieces of glass, 11 Native American pieces, 19 nails, and 1 pipe bowl piece. The heavy brick finding and high number of window glass pieces, may indicate that we are on a foundation section of the main house. The musket ball find is right in line with Friday's Ferry and possibly something from the Revolutionary War skirmish at Friday's Ferry in 1781.

Pit 65: Level 3 produced: 21 pieces of pottery, 47 pieces of glass, 7 Native American pieces, and 11 nails.