Pit 66: Level 1

Completed on July 19, 2014 by Dean Hunt, Jeff Fouste, and David Brinkman. Taking advantage of another week off from the Fort Congaree II dig, we started early Saturday to beat the rain. History teacher Jeff Fouste joined us for his first Granby dig (he took part in one of the early Fort Congaree II digs). Our sights were really set today on reaching the huge milestone of 10,000 artifacts. We would need 108 artifacts to reach that which was well below the average, especially for this hot spot area. Another expectation was that we would see a shift in the recovered artifacts from a house to a storage building. This pattern was observed in the other 3 rows we did through this area. Level 1 was fairly typical for a Granby pit and we were expecting things to pick up in level 2.

Pit 66: Level 1 produced: 6 pieces of pottery, 6 pieces of glass, and 3 nails.