Pit 70: Level 2

Completed September 14, 2014 by Teresa Mitchell, Steven Rougeau, David and Odess Brinkman, and Dean Hunt. We were later joined by Adriana, Sean, and Jeff Fouste. Artifact numbers started picking up in level 2 and we seemed to be doing a lot better than average by the end of the level. David found an old and large ring/washer iron piece. A good number of nice pottery pieces, nails, and glass were found. Like level 1, we were also finding a large amount of brick and charcoal. David found a small lead buck shot. The smallest we have found at about .18 caliber. Shots this small are hard to find with a sifting screen that's .25 inches.

Pit 70: Level 2 produced: 28 pieces of pottery, 44 pieces of glass, 22 nails, 2 Native American pieces, a lead buck shot, and 8 iron pieces.