Pit 71: Level 3

Completed on October 26, 2014 by Fred Morrison, DC Locke, Lynn Jordan Stidom, Dean Hunt, Teresa Mitchell, Steven Rougeau, and David and Odess Brinkman. The previous pit (70) had surprising artifact numbers in levels 1 and 2 but very little in level 3. Pit 71 had more like what we would expect in levels 1 and 2. Level 3 turned out to be surprising in that we found almost nothing. Just a few pieces of brick and a single piece of glass. Overall, Pit 71 produced 15 pieces of pottery, 46 pieces of glass, 14 nails, 1 pipe bowl piece, and a .31 caliber musket ball. Even though Pit 71 comes in ranked only 51st in the artifact power rating, the unique L-head nail, and the musket musket ball finds still make it a good hole.

Pit 71: Level 3 produced: 1 piece of glass.