Pit 74: Level 2

Completed on November 15, 2014 by the Knights of Columbus Squires (Eric and Dylan Cambre, Kristy and Peter Allen, David Villa, Sean Blackmer, Dan, Jack, William, and Katie Ostergaard, and Richard Scialdo), DC Locke, David and Odess Brinkman. The Squires came out from lunch and completely took over the digging. As expected, the artifacts started increasing and we bagged several pipe pieces (including a 1720-1750 pipe stem), a possible early 20th century brass .22 caliber shell, and a nice .25 caliber musket buck shot. We also found some nice pottery pieces but no stoneware yet which is something we normally see in this area.

Pit 74: Level 2 produced: 13 pieces of pottery, 10 pieces of glass, 2 nails, a 1720-1750 pipe stem, 2 pipe bowl pieces, a .25 caliber musket shot, and a brass .22 caliber shell.