Pit 74: Level 3

Completed on November 15, 2014 by the Knights of Columbus Squires (Eric and Dylan Cambre, Kristy and Peter Allen, David Villa, Sean Blackmer, Dan, Jack, William, and Katie Ostergaard, and Richard Scialdo), DC Locke, David and Odess Brinkman. Artifacts really started flowing in level 3 and the entire team was busy with one find after another. The big change was a sudden appearance of stoneware and a good bit of it. This along with lower counts of window glass goes along with our theory that as we move south, we are going from the main house to a store house. A store house would use more stoneware to store food and would not have expensive glass windows like the house. The fact that we found all the stoneware in level 3, however, may bring up a new theory. Instead of a Granby store house, could this be the pre-Granby home site of Thomas Brown. Expert analysis and dating of the pottery from this level may give us the answer. The higher counts of pipe stems (from the Thomas Brown era), and higher counts of Native American items in this area, would also go along with this new theory. This is where all our artifact statistics are so important. I wonder if the Granby people who lived at this site knew that is was previously the home site of the first Indian trader (Brown). Maybe not, but the archaeology we are doing 200 years later may show this. The Squires did another great job today. I don't think we have ever had young people at the site that were so energized and focused. The Squires even applied that same work ethic to filling the hole. Check out the 3D pictures of the Squires in action at this link. In total, pit 74 looked much like the other adjacent pits and comes in ranked #15 with 62 pieces of pottery, 43 pieces of glass, 29 nails, 5 Native American pieces, 44 activity items (charcoal, iron pieces, and slag), a musket shot, 1 pipe stem, and 3 pipe bowl pieces .

Pit 74: Level 3 produced: 40 pieces of pottery, 18 pieces of glass, 26 nails, 5 Native American pieces, 34 activity items (charcoal, iron pieces, and slag), and 1 pipe bowl piece.