Pit 75: Level 3

Completed on November 30, 2014 by David and Odess Brinkman, DC Locke, Dean Hunt, and Teresa Mitchell. David started level 3 by carefully cutting into the area of the possible post hole. A perfect post hole showed. We now had two adjacent pits with postholes which allows us to draw a line and predict where, in the next adjacent pit, a third hole may be. Just like the other pit, both post holes started showing about at 32cm's which is now a good estimate for the depth of the plow zone in this area. As we finished the level, another obvious feature appeared in the north-west corner. Not a post hole but probably another old sign of a structure since it appeared below the plow zone level. Level 3 produced a nice set of artifacts but, overall, the artifact numbers for all levels was just a little below our average. In total, we had 32 pieces of pottery, 55 pieces of glass, 23 nails, one pipe-stem and pipe bowl pieces, a lead piece, and another post hole.

Pit 75: Level 3 produced: 14 pieces of pottery, 28 pieces of glass, 13 nails, and a post hole.

Below: Another feature in the northwest corner

Below: Our two newly found post holes and where the next one may fall.