Pit 76: Level 1

Completed January 17, 2015 by David and Odess Brinkman. Starting the first hole of 2015, we decided to break pit 76 over 2 days so we could take our time and carefully look for a continuation of post holes as seen in pits 72 and 75. The grass, wet soil, and roots of the Confederate Rose Hibiscus really slowed us down. There was also a huge number of rock/asphalt pieces. Just doing level 1 kept us busy the entire afternoon. There were some interesting pieces found including 4 Native American pottery pieces which is somewhat rare for level 1.

Pit 76: Level 1 produced: 6 pieces of colonial period pottery, 4 pieces of Native American pottery, 11 pieces of glass, 1 nail, and a 1994 penny.

Below: It looks old but it's just a 1994 penny.

Once again, we celebrated the end of the year with a Granby Christmas party. Great food, people, music, and games. Below: Odess' Granby cake.