Pit 77: Level 3

Completed February 8, 2015 by Alicia Ballagh, DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. Level 3 turned out to be the best level with 4 Native American pieces but the best piece of the dig was probably our largest Jackfield pottery piece find. This is a lead glazed earthenware made in England. It is very unique in that it has a black glaze over a brick color ceramic. It's very important because its prime production period was between 1740 to 1760 which would date it to very early Granby. In total, pit 77 produced: 19 pieces of pottery, 58 pieces of glass, 15 nails, and 5 Native American pieces.

Pit 77: Level 3 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 35 pieces of glass, 10 nails, and 4 Native American pieces.

Below are examples of Jackfield pottery which dates to 1740-1760