Pit 78: Level 1

Completed on March 28, 2015 by Andrea Robichaud, Luke Lumpkin, Cooper Schroeder, Cross Amore, Matthew Skipper, Miguel Sy, Clover Robichaud, Alex, Tehye Locke, Jocelyn Locke, David and Odess Brinkman, and Naomi. Today was a special birthday party dig for Andrea. Andrea and her sister Clover have taken part in many Granby and Fort Congaree II digs including Granby pit #1. Joining them today were some of Andrea's friends from Cardinal Newman High School. They were all eager to start. The large dig group found some interesting pottery and Native American Pieces in level 1.

Pit 78: Level 1 produced: 11 pieces of pottery, 8 pieces of glass, 3 nails, and 3 Native American pieces.