Pit 79: Level 1

Completed May 3, 2015 by Kay Oliver, Dean Hunt, Teresa Mitchell, Odess and David Brinkman. Back in the area of features, we got off to a pretty good start in level 1 although there was an unusually large number of small rocks that slowed us down. Among the more interesting finds, were some Native American pieces, a new type of stoneware, and a piece of bone. We were joined today by neighbor Kay and she did a great job. Today marked the official opening of the Granby Museum & Pub and, as well as the dig team, it hosted an Officer's meeting of the FILIPINO-AMERICAN Association of Greater Columbia. This was one of the larger groups of people we have had on site.

Pit 79: Level 1 produced: 15 pieces of pottery, 29 pieces of glass, 10 nails, 1 bone piece, and 2 Native American pieces.