Pit 79: Level 2

Completed May 3, 2015 by Kay Oliver, Dean Hunt, Teresa Mitchell, Odess and David Brinkman. We got past the rocks in level 2 and were still finding good numbers of window glass but not much pottery. We did find a rare piece of porcelain. We also ran into a small spot of charcoal pieces and we carefully excavated and bagged those. At the bottom of level 2, there were no signs of features. Other pits in this area began showing features at, or just below, level 2. We decided to take a break before starting the tedious job of trowel work in level 3 in search of more features.

Pit 79: Level 2 produced: 7 pieces of pottery, 21 pieces of glass, 6 nails, and 24 pieces of charcoal.