Pit 81: Level 1

Completed on June 12, 2015 by Baron Moye, Jan Ciegler, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, DC and Tehye Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. With more day-light hours, we started later today and moved back into the rich area between the Judas and Magnolia trees. It had been two years since we last dug in this area. After over 12,500 artifacts, the plotting of artifact categories over the dig area seems to show that a storage building stood in this area. Like over the main house area, we found lots of architecture items like nails and brick in this area. The main house area, however, has a much higher number of window glass artifacts while the suspected storage building has much higher numbers of stoneware. We would expect glass windows only in the main house and food storage would require more stoneware containers. We are not sure how large the storage building was so we needed to do more digging to figure this out. Baron Moye, a history student of Dean Hunt, joined us for the first time time today and caught on quickly during level one. Level one, however, did not produce much compared to the adjacent pits. The digging also proved to be very difficult with larger than expected roots from the magnolia tree.

Pit 81: Level 1 produced: 3 pieces of pottery, 2 pieces of glass, and 1 nail.