Pit 81: Level 2

Completed on June 12, 2015 by Jan Ciegler, Baron Moye, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, DC and Tehye Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. Artifact recovered started picking up in level two. A pipe bowl piece was found and a couple of interesting metal pieces. One was a flat and thin iron piece and the other was a mysterious piece that is heavier than iron and a greenish color like you get from the copper in brass. The item is attracted to a magnet which is not true of copper or brass. This could be a brass plated piece of iron. Just as expected, we once again found relatively lower numbers of windows glass and higher numbers of stoneware in level two which goes along with the theory of a store house at this location. As we were doing level two, Karen arrived from Charleston with pizza so, at the end of the level, we all took a break and had dinner.

Pit 81: Level 2 produced: 18 pieces of pottery, 17 pieces of glass, 9 nails, a pipe bowl piece, and 1 Native American piece.