Pit 82: Level 1

Completed by Canute, Liam, and Luke Magalhaes, Ken and Martin Banks, DC Locke, Baron Moye, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, Jeremy and David Brinkman. Odess prepared a large lunch defore the dig and we celebrated David's birthday. We had a lot of first time diggers today. The Magalhaes family joined us in level one. For this pit, we moved to the other side of the Riverland Drive fence to try and hit a continuation of a possible capped privy. Level one gave us a good number (but not as much) of the concrete/clay-like material we found in the lone adjacent pit 45. We got lucky on the largest piece which had a double blade plow scar. We have found this unique signature on several Granby bricks. This proves the substance was made well before the construction of the Riverland Park neighborhood. Later in the day, James Allen performed a taste test on our mystery substance and confirmed it was calcium carbonate (limestone) which was used in colonial times as mortar and, possibly, a privy cap. The big surprise in level one turned out to be six Native American pottery pieces. This is very rare for level one.

Pit 82: Level 1 produced: 3 pieces of colonial pottery, 6 pieces of Native American pottery, 10 pieces of glass, and 2 nails.