Pit 82: Level 2

Completed by David Massie, Canute, Liam, and Luke Magalhaes, Ken and Martin Banks, DC Locke, Baron Moye, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, Jeremy and David Brinkman. David Massie became the fourth new Granby digger in level two. We apparently moved in the wrong direction for a privy find as we did not find another piece of the limestone in level two. The most significant find of level two would not be noticed until artifact cleaning. 51 Native American pottery pieces found. We thought these were brick pieces but the distinct primitive pottery characteristic and lack of brick-orange became obvious after cleaning. With the six Native American pieces found in level one, we more than doubled the Native American artifact record for a pit and we were only in level two. The best colonial find also went mostly unnoticed until cleaning. A flat brass back of a colonial button. Other finds worth noting were 19 small charcoal pieces and a nice size piece of a tobacco pipe.

Pit 82: Level 2 produced: 4 pieces of colonial pottery, 51 pieces of Native American pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 3 nails, 19 charcoal pieces, one colonial button back, and one pipe bowl piece.