Pit 82: Level 3,4

Completed by Neil, Lance, and Lara Tijing, James Allen, David Massie, Canute, Liam, and Luke Magalhaes, Ken and Martin Banks, DC Locke, Baron Moye, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, Jeremy and David Brinkman. Three more new diggers started in level three: Neil, Lance, and Lara Tijing. We found some nice colonial pottery in level three but this was not the privy we were hoping to hit. We will need to try digging the north, south, and west sides of pit 45 in the future to locate the privy. With extra diggers on hand, we decided to do a level four and it was about that time that we started noticing the Native American pottery pieces. Level four was almost nothing but Native American. In the end (at 76cm), we had almost tripled our previous Native American artifact record (28) with 77 artifacts. Combined with 15 colonial period pottery pieces, 17 pieces of glass, 7 nails, 20 charcoal pieces, 22 limestone mortar pieces, a pipe bowl piece, and a colonial button piece, we had a total of 161 artifacts. This is a little above average. The deep dig Indian finds today and the great arrowhead find from deep in pit 80, show that there may be numerous Native American artifacts below our standard Granby dig limit of 50cm.

Pit 82: Level 3,4 produced: 8 pieces of colonial pottery, 20 pieces of Native American pottery, 2 pieces of glass, and 2 nails.