Pit 86: Level 2

Completed on October 16, 2015 by Clover Robichaud, Shannon Herin and Richard Richard Sylvester, Jan Ciegler, DC Locke, Sally Turner, Sarah Bobertz, Ann Fur, and David Brinkman. Level 2 gave us a nice decorated piece of a pipe bowl and, the big find, a good size piece of the bottom of a green wine bottle. From the curvature of the piece, we measured that the bottle would have had a 4.5" diameter at the bottom which matches the bottle top that we found in level 1. Once again, level 2 had more of that mysterious thin black material.

Pit 86: Level 2 produced: 15 pieces of pottery, 14 pieces of glass, a decorated pipe bowl piece, 3 Native American pieces, 7 nails, and 17 pieces of that mysterious thin black material.

Below: The 3 English wine bottle glass pieces that date this bottle to 1739-1751