Pit 86: Level 3

Completed on October 16, 2015 by Shannon Herin and Richard Richard Sylvester, Clover Robichaud, Jan Ciegler, DC Locke, and David Brinkman. We had a quick soil color change in level 3 which usually means an end to artifacts and, in fact, that's exactly what happened. This may have been the fewest artifacts we have found in a pit in this area. Pit 86 was below average in artifacts but it gave us one of our best finds in the top and bottom of a bottle from the Thomas Brown era (pre-Granby). Overall, in all levels, we had 21 ppieces of pottery, 28 pieces of glass, 11 nails, 5 Native American pieces. 12 charcoal pieces, 36 pieces of the thin black material, and one decorated pipe bowl piece.

Pit 86: Level 3 produced: 1 piece of pottery, 1 pieces of glass, and 1 nail.