Pit 88: Level 3

Completed on November 27, 2015 by Chris Rodenkirchen, Michael Shriver, Teresa Mitchell, Dean Hunt, Jocelyn and DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. Early in the level, Michael Shriver pulled out the big find. A .27 caliber musket shot ball. With that, pit 88 had 12 of 13 artifact categories. It seemed like we also had high counts in many of those categories which would mean a high APR (Artifact Power Rating). Level 3 continued to add to the different categories and at the bottom (in the south-east corner, we ran into the same fire pit we found in the adjacent pit 84. We recovered about 40 charcoal artifacts from this. In total (all levels), we had 85 pieces of pottery, 89 pieces of glass, 24 nails, 5 Native American pieces, 41 charcoal pieces, 4 tobacco (bowl) pieces, a musket shot, and a leather piece. The Artifact Power Rating for pit 88 reflected the high numbers and category diversity and pit 88 comes in ranked 3rd only behind pits 50 and 60. It shows we have much more to find in Granby.

Pit 88: Level 3 produced: 14 pieces of pottery, 40 pieces of glass, a .27 caliber musket shot, 11 nails, 2 Native American pieces, and 1 pipe bowl piece.