Pit 89: Level 1

Completed by Odess and David Brinkman on December 13, 2015. Unusually warm weather brought us out again but it was just the two of us today. With the garden (made on previously excavated pits) done for the year, we resumed next to it. Not unusual was the amount of asphalt pieces recovered. Along with it were a number of sandstone-like pieces. Normally, we don't count these as artifacts but one large piece appeared to be burned on one side leading to the possibility this might be an old form of mortar. We also found what looks like brick pieces with very smooth sides. We, also, normally count this as brick but one piece had two flat sides. One was smooth with a brick face but the other side seemed to have a rough glaze. This would not be brick and, more likely, pottery. A task at the end of the Granby dig will be to reclassify items like this to make our category counts more accurate. Using the new identification, we ended up having a higher than average artifact count for a level 1.

Pit 89: Level 1 produced: 18 pieces of pottery, 13 pieces of glass, and 5 nails.