Pit 90: Level 3

Completed by Odess and David Brinkman on December 26, 2015. Level 3 continued to be sterile down to 43cm when we found parts of a modern brick. In the Granby dig, we have never found a modern item at this depth. We continued to 50cm finding a couple of Native American pieces but nothing else. It was clear that this area was highly disturbed. There is a sewer man-hole just 10 feet away next to the street so we think a large area may have been excavated for this during the development of the neighborhood in 1960. The depth of that hole was probably 43 cms. The broken brick pieces were thrown into it and the dirt put back leading to a reversal in the soil which is why we found the older items on the top. So, we will probably not return to grid 43 as this sends us back toward the "hot zone". In total, Pit 90 gave us 7 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 3 nails, a pipe bowl piece, and 12 Native American pieces. The total of 37 artifacts was well below our average but the total artifacts found between pits 86 and 90 have risen our overall artifact average per pit to a new high of 160. The 37 artifacts compared to 30 in Pit 7 (further south on the fence) also shows a expected decline in artifacts as we move away from the house structure. So, a tough dig with few artifacts but, the information it tells us is still very important.

Pit 90: Level 3 produced: 2 Native America pieces.