Pit 92: Level 3

Completed by Steven Rougeau, Teresa Mitchell, Odess and David Brinkman, and DC Locke. The east feature quickly narrowed down from 3' wide to 2.5' wide. It stayed at that for a few Cm's and then disappeared leaving a post hole feature. So, we have another structure which we will need to track in the next adjacent (to the south) pit. We continued to carefully work level 3 and right at 50cm's, the continuation of the pit 89 feature appeared. With the measurement recorded from pit 89 and this 16" continuation, the second dimension ends up being 2.5' making that structure 3' X 2.5'. It's very interesting that our new feature went from 3' to 2.5' between levels 2 and 3. It could be the same size structure but rotated 90 degrees. Level 3 also produced a small patch of charcoal including a large piece and, once again, we carefully excavated this so that it could be carbon dated in the future. The other interesting find was a piece of green wine glass which had a deteriorating and slimy green layer round it. Most of this layer was lost in the cleaning. We closed up pit 92 and the first Granby Cam video was a success and has been posted here on Youtube. The overall results for Pit 92 were 3 more significant features, 40 pieces of pottery, 37 pieces of glass, 3 Native American pieces, 19 charcoal pieces, and a pipe stem and pipe bowl piece. We have a lot to think about now with these recent features and signs of building structures. The statistics that we monitor with every pit (which can be viewed here), help us see the possibilities by showing us how the artifact types can narrow down the type of building that may have been at a particular location. High numbers of nails and brick show a building. Window glass not only shows a wall but also means it must have been the main house because expensive windows would not have been placed in any other type of building. High counts of kitchen glass can, obviously, point to a kitchen while stoneware may point to a storage building. The picture takes more shape with every pit we do.

Pit 92: Level 3 produced: 14 pieces of pottery, 19 pieces of glass, 2 Native American pieces, 4 nails, and 17 pieces of charcoal.

Below: The East feature reduces in length as we continue going down.

Below: The East feature goes away but leaves us with a post hole!

Below: The Northwest feature appears just when we expect it (at the bottom of level 3).