Pit 99: Level 2

Completed October 31, 2016 by Jocelyn and DC Locke, Odess and David Brinkman. Before starting level 2, we checked-out the new Cayce River-front park which is directly across the street from the Granby dig site. The park has a covered picnic area and bathrooms. At the back of the parking area is a nice wood deck which overlooks the site where President George Washington crossed the Congaree River on Friday's Ferry in 1791. The City also thinned out the growth so that the Congaree River can be seen. Some of these nice features were actually inspired by the great history we have discovered here. We are all proud of this new park. Level 2 was a little lacking in artifacts but this is what we also found in the adjacent pit 95. Pit 95, however, had good results in level 3 so we were still excited about finding good stuff.

Pit 99: Level 2 produced: : 2 pieces of pottery, 3 pieces of glass, 2 charcoal pieces, and 1 nail.

Below: The new Cayce River-front park across from our Granby dig site.