Pit 99: Level 1

Completed October 31, 2016 by David and Odess Brinkman, and DC Locke. This was our 2nd Halloween dig. We picked a location on the edge of the artifact "hot zone". Level 1 delivered about what we would expect in colonial period artifacts. Being close to the driveway and sidewalk of the house, we also found a large number of modern artifacts like concrete and asphalt.

Pit 99: Level 1 produced: : 7 pieces of pottery, 5 pieces of glass, 1 charcoal piece, and 3 nails.

Below: At pit 99 and a total of 99 pipe stems found, we made the theme of the dig be Gouda, Holland where 80% of our pipe stems came from between 1720 and 1750. This means we eat Gouda cheese and drink beer from the Netherlands.