Pit 98: Level 3

Completed by Meg and Charles Krawczyk, DC Locke, and David Brinkman on October 22, 2016. In May of 2013, 8th grader Meg joined us with her mother in pit 39. She returned today as a high school senior with her father. Level 3 followed the same pattern with adjacent pit 97 with a nice number of kitchen and stoneware pottery as well as Native American pottery. We also found two pipe bowl pieces and a folded thin piece of lead which may have been the 18th century adhesive that held segments of window glass together. The overall results were not as good as those in pit 39 but we expect this as we move west away from the building structures. In fact, plotting the category statistics of the pits, pit 98 continues to clearly show we are moving to the west wall of a storehouse. Relative to the main house, the storehouse has similar brick and nail counts but lower numbers of window glass and higher numbers of stoneware. At the bottom of level 3, we found a high concentration of charcoal fragments which push pit 98 above average in total number of artifacts. The soil made an abrupt color change (dark to light) at 50 centimeters with only charcoal pieces present. This charcoal is, very likely, from the Thomas Brown period of 1730 to 1747.

Pit 98: Level 3 produced: 16 pieces of pottery, 12 pieces of glass, 6 Native American pieces, 15 nails, and 8 iron pieces.