Pit 98: Level 2

Completed October 9, 2016 by David and Odess Brinkman, and DC Locke. Just like the adjacent pit 97, still lots of roots but the artifacts started showing about halfway into the level. We found a good number of small kitchen glass and a mystery piece of coal. We have found only a few of these coal pieces in other pits. It's probably fairly modern but, maybe not since it was found in level 2. Since this was looking a lot like pit 97, we thought level 3 would be a good one and that we might not have enough daylight to complete it. We decided to call it for a day and finish the pit next week.

Pit 98: Level 2 produced: 7 pieces of pottery, 1 stoneware piece, 1 bone, 11 pieces of glass, 1 Native American piece, 2 charcoal pieces, 5 nails, and 2 coal pieces.