Pit 51: Level 2

Completed October 20, 2013 by Dean Hunt, DC and Jocelyn Locke, David and Odess Brinkman, Kati Wardlaw and Tonya Morris.Jocelyn found what we thought would be the best find of the dig when she pulled out the top of a green wine/beer bottle. The glass type looks to be the Granby period but we are still working to narrow down the age. DC also found a pipe stem which proved to be only the second one we have found from the period of 1680-1720. Level 2 also gave us a good number of pottery pieces. Once again, it looks like we have a really good pit going into level 3.

Pit 51: Level 2 produced: 28 pieces of pottery, 25 pieces of glass, 7 nails, old bottle top, pipe stem (1680-1720) and bowl piece.